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About Us

Seals-About Us

Seals Distributor s.r.o specialises in waterproof footwear and clothing. Our products are sold in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA. Seals products cover the following core fields:

  • Country and adventure rainwear
  • Country and adventure gumboots
  • Rainwear for agriculture
  • Gumboots for agriculture
  • Security and safety rainwear
  • Safety gum-boots

Seals products are manufactured with a focus on high quality, comfort and value. Before any product reaches a market, extensive research and rigorous testing has taken place in order to create products that meet the requirements of the most demanding end-users. Our products are a result of decades of experience in making gumboots and raingear. Our designers and craftsmen are passionate about design, function and quality.

Seals products in the safety categories meet EN Standards for all materials and, where required and indicated, are EN certified for finished products. Gumboots and raingear have been continually produced and sold since 1993 under the direction of the same owners, and the core values and objectives of quality, consistency and value remain unchanged. We are pleased to offer our range of finest quality gum-boots and rainwear for protection in the toughest conditions.

Richard Paul Wallace
Founding Partner and Director

Our boots


Seals gum-boots

Seals wellies are handmade in natural rubber for toughness and flexibility in all conditions. Seals gum boots are durable, comfortable and of uncomplicated design to bring functional waterproof boots you can depend upon.

Why natural rubber?

The Hevea tree is the only source of natural rubber. It was first found growing in Brazil more than 450 years ago and its juice, rubber, remained a mere curiosity for three more centuries. Then in 1839 it was discovered that through treatment with sulphur and heat (vulcanization), rubber’s elastic properties could be made permanent. No other material has ever replaced natural rubber.

Skellerup Industries, a New Zealand company, formerly produced gumboots in New Zealand which were excellent quality, and part of the Skellerup range was the RED BAND gumboot which became very famous in New Zealand. The REDBAND gumboots were always made of natural rubber and had excellent serviceability. RED BAND gumboots are no longer made in New Zealand, but their history is testament to the function of natural rubber footwear.

Synthetic materials are now available as substitutes, but none have the physical properties and performance characteristics of natural rubber when it comes to making waterproof boots.

Seals rubber boots were born in agriculture and safety and our products can withstand the toughest demands.

By using natural rubber, we can produce boots that:

  • Perform at extremely low and high temperature points and remain flexible and durable.
  • Provide resistance to fire and melting.
  • Can be formulated successfully for anti-static applications.
  • Can be constructed using methods which allow for flexible and customised designs.
  • Are the most comfortable and supple waterproof boots to wear.

Since 1993 Seals has designed foot forms, created sole moulds, perfected rubber formulations, and enhanced processes for making rubber boots. This gives us exclusive advantages in maintaining the quality and consistency for which we are known.

From day one our commitment has always been comfort, durability, reliability and value.

Seals last: Precision design from the first step.

Substantial research goes into the anatomically designed Seals lasts (foot forms). They are the result of diverse field-testing in a wide range of applications and are designed for easy-on/easy-off fitting with maximum wearer-comfort.

Our Clothing


Sealflex Clothing

Sealflex is our Hallmark range of clothing. No product reaches the market without extensive research and testing. Sealflex has earned its reputation as the BEST hard-wearing rainwear. Proven in the toughest environments in agriculture and safety.

Quality Sealflex Craftsmanship:

  • Sealflex garments have a shell-style 100% waterproof cover with high-frequency welded waterproof seams.
  • The garments are resistant to puncture and will not tear.
  • Sealflex garments are suitable for most agricultural applications and are hand washable.

Our component partners include: